Beary Party is a Build a Teddy Bear 
activity perfect for kids birthday parties.  

Make-a-Bear birthday parties - Perth, WA

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Teddy Bear activities - Train Stuffing Machine

Train Stuffing machine for your teddy bear party

The Magic Train Stuffing Machine brings any teddy bear to life in just a few minutes.

It shoots out fluff through a nozzle. Kids love the experience of putting their teddy bear in the nozzle, and moving it around so that the fluff can get to every part of the animal (legs, head and body). The kids are able to start and stop the fluffing with their feet on the pedal, feeling their bear and deciding whether it is soft or firm enough.

Kids love the effect of the lights, sound and the rotating fluff. Comments are: "It's like a popcorn machine!".

It is the centre piece of all the kids birthday party.

The Train Stuffing machine is on loan for all Teddy Bear making activity for your Kids Birthday Party.

Check out our How to Stuff a Bear? video to see the Train Stuffing Machine in action.