Beary Party is a Build a Teddy Bear 
activity perfect for kids birthday parties.  

Make-a-Bear birthday parties - Perth, WA

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Themes for kids birthday parties

You can tie your make-a-teddy-bear party kit in with the theme of the kids birthday party, and personalise it to suit the day.

We have a collection of around 60 different outfits with the following themes for you to choose from.

Talk to us about your theme in advance to ensure availability for your kids next birthday.

Tea Party / Glamour Dresses
Glamour 2-3 peice gorgeous dresses: CheongSam, Gowns, glitter suits, dancing outfits and more, for a Build a Bear tea party.


Soccer player (with ball), Karate, Rugby, Cheer Leader (with pom pom), and more, perfect theme for kids birthday parties.

Build a teddy bear party
Stuffed aniaml rabbit

What do I want to be?
Firefighter, Doctor, Builder, Army officer, Policeman, Special Forces, Astronaut, Pilot and more for a boys birthday party.

Teddy bear pyjama party

Pyjama Party
Pyjamas outfits for kids birthday parties with sleepover. Suitable for both boys and girls.

Limited Editions
We have special one-of-kind outfits available for only limited parties. They are lady bug, beetle, cowboy and cowgirl outfits. For a truly unique party.

Fairies, Angels & Princess
2-3 piece costumes with wings, wands, tiara and shoes for a girls Build a Bear party. We have a Pirates outfit for the boys too.

Superhero teddy bear activity

Spiderbear, Bat Girl, Superbear, Bat Bear for a fun-filled birthday party.