Beary Party is a Build a Teddy Bear 
activity perfect for kids birthday parties.  

Make-a-Bear birthday parties - Perth, WA

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Make a Bear

A Teddy Bear Party is simple and easy to organise.

Parents can run their kids birthday party themselves. Our packages are full build a bear party kits that come with everything you need to run a 1 - 2 hour bear party for your kids birthday party.

This build a bear party can be held at your home or any venue of your choosing. It's mobile, flexible and you can make it your own!

So every Teddy Bear Party is unique and different.

Teddy Bear activity
Pick your stuff animal for your next birthday party

Pick a Teddy Bear!

  • Start the party off with games, like Pass the Parcel. 
  • Each kid will have a chance to win an animal skin. 
  • They will be excited to find out which animal they won.

Fluff your teddy bear

Stuff your Bear!

  • Head to the Train Stuffing machine.
  • Kids will get to stuff their animal.
  • They will be thrilled to see their animal come to life in just 3-5 minutes.
  • After stuffing, kids will make a wish on the Star or Love Heart and place it inside their animal before sealing up. 

Dress your stuff animal

Dress your Bear!

  • Other games can be run for kids to win clothes for their animal. 
  • The kids will be busy dressing up their animal in their unique and different theme outfits chosen. 
  • This will be a good time to cut the birthday cake. 
  • Invite the kids and their new best friends for the cake cutting.

Love your teddy bear

Love Me!

  • To end off, invite the kids to give their new best friend a name before they take them home. 
  • Write the given name on the birth certificate. 
  • Get the birthday child to help put the stuffed animal and birth certificate into a carrying box/bag, while thanking them for attending his/her party.