Beary Party is a Build a Teddy Bear 
activity perfect for kids birthday parties.  

Make-a-Bear birthday parties - Perth, WA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that have come up quite often about our Teddy Bear Making Birthday Parties:

Q: How do you seal the bear up after stuffing?

Each teddy bear making animal has an opening with a bag. The bag is pulled out and is placed over the nozzle while stuffing. After stuffing, an adult usually helps the kid to seal the opening with the cable tie that is there. The adult uses a scissor to cut the excess tie, and the child then can push the bag back into the bear. Finally, the opening closes up neatly with a velcrow.

Check out the video on How to seal up a bear? for a quick run-though.

Q: How long does it take to stuff 1 teddy bear?

Depending on the child, each teddy bear usually takes around 3-5 minutes to stuff. What I usually do is during stuffing, I stop and ask the child to feel his/her bear. The child enjoys hugging the bear, and then is happy to decide when she is comfortable with the softness/firmness. The teddy bear making party will then keep going with other activities likes games and dress-up. 

Check out our video on How to Stuff a Bear?

Q: What is the 'Star Wish'?

Each child at the birthday party will be given a 'Star Wish' or 'Heart Wish' for them to start their build a bear experience. After stuffing their teddy bear, the child will be asked to make a wish and insert the 'Star or Heart Wish' into the bear. This completes the stuffing activity, and the child is now ready to seal their very own teddy bear up.

Q: Is the Train Stuffing machine easy to transport?

The Beary Party Train Stuffing Machine comes in 2 parts, and as such fits into most MPV, Station Wagon and 4WD. The taller portion is heavier and will require 2 persons to lift it up from the ground and into the vehicle. The smaller portion can also fit into the back seat of the vehicle. Both units come with wheels, and so can be very easily wheeled around from one spot to another.

Please always speak to us if you have concerns about transporting the Train Stuffing Machine as we are very happy to arrange for transport to & from your kids make-a-bear birthday party venue.

Q: Can I have extra Teddy Bears on stand-by for the party in case of additionally kids that turn up unexpectedly?

Although we usually pack the exact amount that you have ordered, we do understand that having a stand-by amount is always necessary for the unexpected kids that turn up. As such, we can prepare an emergency pack of 3-5 bears if you require. It is definitely not any parents wish to have kids turn up and be dissappointed to be left out of this Buid a Bear Party.

Q: Is the Train Stuffing machine easy to use?

Upon collection, we will take you through how to set the machine up and how to use it. This will take 5-10 minutes. It is easy to setup and use. Included is a Step-by-Step Setup and Instruction guide as well. 

Q: Is the Train Stuffing machine loud?

The machine is best placed in an open and spacious setting. If placed in a small room, it can be quite loud, especially if there is echo in the room. Younger children might be initially weary of the sound when the pedal is pressed and the blowing starts. Slowly introduce them to the stuffing process.